Gravestone Artwear has donated 10 percent of its Fall T-shirt sales to CARE International

The famine and refugee crisis in Africa continues. All of you who purchased Gravestone Artwear t-shirts this fall helped us donate 10 percent of each sale during the months of September and October to CARE International to help support its humanitarian efforts to fight poverty. A Gravestone Artwear check in the amount of $300 has been sent to CARE to help bring relief to the more than 13 million people in the Horn of Africa who are in urgent need of lifesaving humanitarian assistance, including woman, children and the elderly in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia. Thank you all for helping to support CARE in its efforts to improve the lives of the world's poor.
 For more information about how you can help,
 Please visit CARE's website:  

Posted by Scott Snyder on November 20, 2011.