We are reconstructing our site to include new products and make adjustments.  Fringed velvet scarves and sorcerers pouches will be easy to order once the site is finished.    Our fresh new look will be LIVE soon - please be patient.    In the meantime, keep those e-mails, calls, snail mail orders and faxes coming. 

One of our new products will be Gravestone Artwear® for infants and toddlers.    You might be saying WHAT???    If you have little ones and love folk art or would love to have a tiny soul effigy imprinted in either pink or blue on a black baby cotton lap shoulder creeper, you are going to love our new product line.   That's the basic info.   The rest is all hush-hush until we're officially out there displaying these.   Our adorable 16-month-old baby girl is already showing her preference for Gravestone Artwear.