Day of the Dead Collections


We at Gravestone Artwear have enjoyed traveling around the country and in some cases even outside the US, to be able to bring our friends and family members items from areas they may not be able to travel to. This year we were able to bring a few EXTRA items from some of the small villages in and around San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico. We have decide to put some of these up on our store to see if there are others that also might enjoy the items we located in our travels. All of the miniatures are “Hand Made” from Terra Cotta clay. They are then painted and sold by the artisans, in small dirt floored shops with wicker walls. Quite an experience I must say ! 
      The 2nd of November has been celebrated as the the Dia de Muertos or Day of the Dead for over nine centuries in Mexico. On this holiday the deceased have divine permission to visit relatives and friends of the living. Tombs in cemeteries are turned into banquet tables displaying gifts and food for dead relatives and friends. Some of the gifts to the dead include masks, figurines, bells, jewels, paintings and woodcuts and food. Bakers create special breads, pastry coffins and candy skulls which children love. The living does not eat the feast until the invisible dead have left. Often, Mexican families have been known to sit up all night talking and praying to their departed relatives and friends. Children especially love the festival aspect of this holiday as well as the sugary treats they get to eat. The holiday is not without humor as artists and artisans depict people as skeletons, but dressed in their career or special occasion attire. The beautiful clay senoritas carrying bouquets of flowers and pictured below were made by artisans from the town of San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico