This Design we call " Arabesque-Goreyesque" is from a gravestone carving located in Pembroke, Massachusetts. Its the Eunice Howland stone, 1833. The stone was carved by Hiram Tuttle.

        It reminds us here at GSAW of one of our favorite author-illustrators Edward Gorey. he loved the ballet and attended every single debut performance of the New York City Ballet between 1957 and 1983. Just as his theater attire, a full-length fur coat and sneakers, was rather eccentric, so too were the protagonists of his stories, which included cats, black dogs, children, umbrellas, Victorian ladies and sophisticated ballerinas.

                 in 1977 he won a Tony award for his costume and set designs for Broadways DRACULA.



 White imagery on Black shirt short or *long sleeve style.

*For Long sleeve design on both sleeves check "Long sleeve shirt that has proper size and the "WITH" Box".

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