William Shakespeare   # SH203
William Shakespeare   # SH203

William Shakespeare # SH203

William Shakespeare. 1565 – 1616. Shakespeare wrote about the all: Tragedy, Comedy, Witches, Difficulties with girls, Difficulties with boys, Jealousy, Life, Death, Murder, Love, Hate, amoung many things and many not listed as well.His popularity continues to grow even till this day, NEXT to the Bible they are the most read , studied, and Enjoyed literature ever known to man.

Shakespeare is buried in a tomb at Holy Trinity Church, Straford-on-Avon, England

His complete Epitaph Reads:   Good Friend for Jesus sake forbeare,

                                                   To digg the dust enclosed heare ! 

                                               Blese be the man that spare these stones,

                                                 and curst be he that moves my bones.


                   Shakespeare's Coat of arms displays a lance on a black banner and silver argent

 Silver imagery on Black shirt short or *long sleeve style.

*For Long sleeve design on both sleeves check "Long sleeve shirt that has proper size and the "WITH" Box".
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