Mary Mitrook # CD04
Mary Mitrook # CD04

Mary Mitrook # CD04

Mary Mitrook, March 2, 1884 - May 2, 1929 Portsmouth, New Hampshire     Crosses often were used in Celtic designs. Although the cross is best known as the symbol of the Christian Faith, cruciform symbols date back to 10,000 B.C. Crosses engraved and painted on flat pebbles were discovered in European caves. These 'ancestor" stones were believed to contain the spirits of the dead.

   The interlaced knot work patterns with their unbroken lines symbolize the process of man's eternal spiritual growth.

                                  The Cross also symbolizes four roads, The circular patterns in the middle depict the sun, whereas the four stems symbolize length, breadth, height, and depth.




 White imagery on Black shirt short or *long sleeve style.

*For Long sleeve design on both sleeves check "Long sleeve shirt that has proper size and the "WITH" Box".
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