Oliver Sheafe  # NH08

Oliver Sheafe # NH08

Oliver Sheafe, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 1825 – by the beginning of the 19th century, religious life became more liberal. This change can be noticed on the gravestones in the form of a new motif: The Urn and the Willow.  The Urn contains the remains of human life from which arises the soul to heaven.    The willow symbolizes mourning and the loss of earthly life and the joy of celestial life.

                   On the stone reads :     OLIVER SHEAFE  son of THO's SHEAFE ESQ.

                                                             DIED SEP. 17 , 1825   AGED 27 YEARS

                                                               Oliver was a third generation son of the

                                                       prominent 18th century Portsmouth Sheafe Family

                                                                       which traded with the West Indies.


 Stone-washed green short or long* sleeved shirt with forest green ink.


*For Long sleeve design on both sleeves check "Long sleeve shirt that has proper size and the "WITH" Box".
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