Susanna Jayne   # MA06
Susanna Jayne   # MA06

Susanna Jayne # MA06

Susanna Jayne, Marblehead, Massachusetts 1776 –lost in the 45th year of her life.

  The hooped snake is a symbol of eternity. The skeleton is draped in winding cloth, and stands victorious with a wreath of laurel leaves around its head. The sun and moon depict the renewal of life. The bats symbolize the perils of death, and the evils of life. The scythe depicts time cut short, and man’s labor on earth.

   The stone was cut by the famous carver "Henry Christian Geyer" of Boston 


 White imagery on Black shirt short or *long sleeve style.

*For Long sleeve design on both sleeves check "Long sleeve shirt that has proper size and the "WITH" Box".

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